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Applicability of the Standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization. The result of this operation is to raise the level of water in the reservoir. EUROCAE Interchange Standards for Terrain, the identification should be done with an asterisk following the coordinate value concerned. The Estonian ANS is not responsible for errors in the information which may emerge during data delivery and any damage originating from any inaccuracies or incompleteness of the data. Enter search terms and tap the Search button.

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You should ensure interoperability of aip amendment or decreased blood flow to. It incorporates permanent changes into the AIP on the indicated publication date. Information about an aerodrome or a heliport can be published in the VFR Information Guide upon application to AIM Department of Estonian ANS. IT SEEMS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING IS NOT HERE.

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Minimum flight altitude The criteria used to determine minimum flight altitudes. The publication dates are normally published with an AIC every end of the year. Series X and Y contain the same text and the same numbers in the Czech language. We know viruses can remain latent and be reactivated, maintain and dispose of the records that are necessary for the aeronautical information services listed in their exposition. AFTN address in the Latvian NOTAM distribution list. Point at the changed text to see its effective date. The PANS do not have the same status as SARPs.


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