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People make thousands of decisions per day and factors such as media coverage, emotional reactions and vivid images have greater influence than they would in an entirely rational calculation. Another example is the documented tendency of doctors to overestimate the risk of addiction when prescribing opioid analgesics for pain relief and to undertreat severe pain as a result. SEO to SEM, from life hacks to productivity blogs, from. What Makes People Vulnerable to Anxiety?

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If a babysitter neglects a child, or if a security guard steals from his employer, people will be angrier than if the identical acts were performed by someone in whom trust has not been reposed. It is in this sense that attribute substitution, in the sense meant by Kahneman and Frederick, may be at work; affect toward an object substitutes for a more reflective assessment of the object. Please check your Internet connection and reload this page. Alan Blinder and John Morgan, Are Two Heads Better Than One? It is possible this could be due to their relative fame.

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